The Ultimate Seville Travel Guide

Seville is a colorful city rich in history and culture and is the capital of Spain’s Andalusia region.  After our week shooting in Andalusia, we decided to visit Seville for the last leg of our trip.  It’s a vibrant city known for its exotic architecture and flamenco dancing and with countless sights to see and tapas bars to try it was the perfect city to visit after a week in the Andalusian countryside.

Find out what we discovered from this magical city and read on for our Ultimate Seville Travel Guide.


(Sevillian architecture)

What to See.

The center of Seville is made up of cobbled streets filled with shady plazas, roof terraces, florals gardens and architectural wonders, providing endless Instagram opportunities and plenty to see and do.  As we had little time here we prioritized seeing the main sights all of which were magical and didn’t feel at all touristy.

Catedral de Seville.

Standing at 126 meters long and 83 meters wide, Seville’s cathedral is one of the largest in the world.  The cathedral exterior and the plaza it’s situated in are examples of the beautiful Sevillian architecture and the plaza is a nice spot to get a coffee before entering the cathedral.  Inside the cathedral, you can find the main altar made from 36 pains of gold and the tomb of Christopher Columbus.

Plaza de Espagna.

Most definitely one of Seville’s most beautiful sights, the Plaza de Espana is filled with colored ceramics and 48 tiled alcoves, each one representing a different region of Spain.  You can explore the plaza on foot, ride in a horse & carriage or take a boat ride along the canal that runs through the plaza’s center.  I was so in awe of how beautiful the plaza was, it honestly felt like something out of a dream!

Maria Luisa Park.

Just next to the Plaza de Espana is the Maria Luisa Park.  Filled with orange groves, palm trees, colorful flowers and shady benches it’s a perfect place to chill after a morning of exploring.  When we visited the park the wisteria and blossom trees were in full bloom making it a great spot for some Instagram snaps!

Torre del Oro.

The tower, meaning tower of gold in english, took its name because it was said to have been covered in gold tiles that shone gold in the sunlight.  It’s no longer gold but the architecture is still beautiful and it’s possible to climb the tower for an incredible view over the city of Seville.

Santa Cruz.

This is a neighborhood of Seville known for its independent boutiques, artsy cafes and cool tapas bars.  I would really recommend taking some time away from the main sights to explore this area and see a slice of ‘real’ Seville.  Getting lost in the winding cobbled streets you will find authentic flamenco bars, shady plant filled terraces and roof gardens at every corner.

We only have a short amount of time in Seville so we prioritized what we wanted to see.  However if you have more time I would recommend seeing these places too: Plaza de Toros, Alcazar Palace, Casa de Pilatos, Metropol Parasol, Flamenco Show, Basilica de la Macarena &  Museo dal Baile Flamenco.


(Plaza de Espana)

Where to Eat!

Seville is filled with countless tapas bars and foodie spots and is heaven for anyone wanting to try some incredible Spanish food.  These are places that we tried or were recommended and the food we ate was incredible.  We ordered small ‘tapa’ dishes and shared between the table but in general, you can also order the dish in a larger ‘platos’ size if you’re feeling hungry.

Pelayo Bar.

This was our lunch tapas spot and it was seriously amazing.  It’s set on a side street just off the Catedral Plaza and green plants and black & white photos cover the walls.  The portions are huge (even for the smaller tapas size) and the food was delicious.  We were recommended to try to Avocado Tapas which was a whole avocado stuffed with rice and prawns – so amazing!

La Bicicleteria.

La Bicicletaria is a really cool bar located in the Calle Feria district.  On the door, it says it’s private but don’t be deterred, its a great glimpse into the vibrant Seville nightlife and Spanish underground culture.

El Rinconcillo

El Rinconcillo is the oldest restaurant in Seville and also in Spain and was founded in 1670.  Stepping inside is like stepping back in time, with quaint, old-fashioned decor, waiters dressed in black & white suits and orders written on a chalkboard behind the bar.  Recommended are the Soldaditos de Pavia (cod fritters) which are crispy, salty and tasty with a glass of wine!

Mercado de Lonja del Barranco.

Seville’s food market is a great place to check out what the city offers in terms of local and street food and is apparently the place to go to try the cities best croquettes.  You can choose to eat from a wide range of stalls selling everything from Spanish cheeses, Iberico ham, tasty seafood, paella, and wines.


(tapas bars in Seville)

Where to Shop.

Seville is full of cool boutiques and independently owned artisanal stores and you can pick up some bohemian outfits and colorful accessories in cool Spanish style.  We explored the Santa Cruz neighbourhood which was really artsy and had some amazing boutiques to check out.

Oh La La Vintage.

Oh La La Vintage has an incredible collection of vintage pieces sourced from all across Europe.  Styles reflect the current seasonal trends, however, have a distinctly retro & bohemian vibe.  This place is great for picking up something totally unique and one of a kind.

Pitusa Gasul.

The place to go for Flamenco inspired dresses, colorful accessories and printed tasseled shawls.  I loved that this place sells fashion focused pieces but with a clear inspiration taken from the traditional Flamenco style.

Linda y Querida.

If you love Frida Kahlo, flower garlands and bold printed dresses then this is the place for you.  Linda y Querida sells Mexican inspired fashion, accessories, jewelry and gifts and is a great place to pick up pretty souvenirs or colorful outfits.

Rue 8.

A really cool little place just off the Cathedral Plaza, Rue 8 sells bohemian inspired handmade jewelry, summer hats, accessories and straw bags all created by local Spanish designers. It’s a great place to pick up gifts for friends or treat yourself to some cute accessories

How to

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