Meet Allegra

Hello! My name is Allegra Ghiloni and I’m a 27-year-old Fashion Stylist & World Traveller.

Nine years ago my love of travel began with a backpack and a ’round-the-world-ticket’.  I set off with my best friend on a one year adventure through South America, Australia & Asia.  We covered three continents and 14 countries and my love of travel was born.

From that point onwards I’ve found it hard to stay put! I worked through my Fashion Degree to spend my summers travelling and as soon as I graduated I moved to Milan, Italy to begin my career as a Freelance Fashion Stylist.  psst: If you want to see my Styling work check out my website here…

I’ve now been living in Italy and working in the Fashion Industry for five years.  And whenever I’m not styling photo shoots I am travelling to new places, whether that be around Italy or internationally, or planning my next adventure.

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The Blog.

One part fashionista, one part adventure girl I created this platform as a place to combine my two loves of fashion & travel.  I share my wealth of knowledge about style on your terms and dressing to feel confident, as well as travel tips, destination guides and the best places to explore from my adventures around the world.  This platform is the place for any girl who loves sipping prosecco poolside and going shopping as much as she loves learning about new cultures, getting lost in nature, wiling away days on the beach or planning the next adventure.

My Why.

My why is you guys!  I am so grateful you decided to share this amazing adventure with me! Everything I share on this platform has the intention to inspire you to live your dream life.  Whether that be travelling the world, dressing with confidence or moving towards your goals and dreams.  I want everyone to feel inspired to be their best self and lead an adventurous life – in whatever form that means to you.

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My next goal is to take my travel lifestyle a step further.  I now want to build a platform combining travel & fashion that allows me to be completely location independent.  I want to take another year out to travel more, and I want to become an expert at working remotely.

I am going to be sharing everything I am learning along the way and it would mean the world to me if you want to share the adventure with me too!

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When I’m not traveling:  Allegra Ghiloni is a British Fashion Stylist based in Milan. She moved to Milan five years ago in pursuit of her dreams and to start the business Allegra Ghiloni Fashion Stylist.

She works with Fashion & Lifestyle brands and international Publications to Style Brand Photography, Campaigns, Look Books and Editorials. She is also committed to helping women of all ages and backgrounds to develop their personal style and unlock their full potential.

Through all her work she aims to empower, inspire, ignite creativity and encourage others to pursue the life of their dreams.

To work with Allegra on Fashion Styling projects please visit her website.