How to Be More Stylish This Season…

We love the start of a new season.  As well as experimenting with the latest runway styles, a new season is also a great time to shake off those winter blues and start taking steps to live your best life. Have you been thinking about giving yourself a makeover? Want to make a positive shift in your life? Or just want to have more fun? Read on for our top tips on How to Be More Stylish this Season…

The Stylish Traveler(1)

Treat Yourself to some Cute New Looks.

The start of a new season is the perfect time to have some fun with fashion.  With so many cute pieces filling the stores you can use it as an opportunity to inject some new style into your wardrobe.  Experiment with bright colours & prints or try out some bold accessories.  You don’t have to spend a lot, but treating yourself to something a little different for the season can be a great way to boost your energy.

Give Yourself a Makeover.

The same goes for make-up.  Research the new colours of the season and get more experimental with your beauty routine.  Update your look with new shades of lipstick or some brightly coloured eyeshadow.  Something as simple as a flash of bright colour can be an easy way to update your look without a big investment.

Find a New Hobby or Workout Routine.

Use the new season as an opportunity to get out, have some fun and invest in yourself.  Try a new fitness class, develop a new workout routine, take a creative course or enjoy some new experiences.  Anything to enrich your life or build your skill set.

Schedule some Girl Time.

Nothing is more fun than spending time with your friends, so schedule in some fun activities to do together.  It could be trying out some cool new bars or brunch spots, having a picnic, going hiking or checking out some cool street markets and exhibitions in your town.  It’s just important you are spending time together and having fun.  Also, you can plan some cute outfits for every event!

Embrace Fun Accessories. 

There are so many fun accessories you can add to your looks this season.  And it’s a really easy way to update last seasons looks into something fresher and on trend.

Enjoy the Little Moments.

And finally make sure you take a pause from posting Insta Stories,  connect to gratitude and appreciate the little moments a new season brings.

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