How to Make 2019 Your Most Stylish Year Yet…

The old cliche goes ‘new year, new you’, but how awesome is it to be able to press the reset button and have a clear point of time to measure your success against?  To take stock of how far you’ve come and make a plan of action for what you need to do to achieve your dreams?  We love it! And we use the last week of December and the first week of January to really decide what is no longer serving us & what needs shaking up.  We think about what we want to achieve in the next twelve months and we set accountable goals to get us there.  And the process is so much fun!

If you want the next twelve months to be incredible its important not to set the same old tried & tested goals.  Instead, reflect on your successes of the past twelve months and build upon those to take yourself to the next level.  Life isn’t interesting when you’re staying in the same place and as each year passes we shake off the old to become the best version of ourselves possible.

One of our main goals for the year – to make 2019 our most stylish year yet!  For us that means dressing really stylish (of course!) but also to be our most stylish self, to live out the most stylish version of our life.  To learn more, see more, do more and achieve more both professionally and personally.  To show up, be successful, smash our goals & spend every day committed to creating passion fueled work.  All while using a stylish wardrobe to help us get there.

If you are anything like us, you’re feeling the same vibe! So here are our top tips to Make 2019 Your Most Stylish Year Yet…


1 – Up-level Your Goals & Hold Yourself Accountable

When setting goals this year, don’t go for the normal lose weight, save money or cut out alcohol resolutions that everyone buys into for a few weeks and then forgets about come February 1st.  Instead look back at all the things you’ve achieved this past year and think about what goals you can set to build upon your big achievements.  For example, last year you might have gotten a job at your dream firm (congratulations!) now make it a goal for this year to get a pay raise or a promotion within your company.

Once you’ve got your goals set, buy a journal and mark in action steps and milestones throughout the year to keep you focused and accountable.

2 – Start Investing in Key Wardrobe Staples

Now you know your goals for the year its time to start thinking about how you to need to dress to achieve them.  Want to land that big promotion – then you need to start dressing like the girl boss you know you are so others see you that way too!

As we up-level our life we need to make sure our wardrobe matches our growth.  So start looking at where you can invest in some key pieces to up-level your outfits and your style.  Can you buy a really chic blazer for important meetings to show your level of professionalism?  A pretty dress that makes you feel amazing to wear on your bumble dates with new guys? A bohemian kaftan to wear on the beach for that trip you want to take this year?

Dressing for the person you want to become is important because it communicates to others that you are already there, and means you are more likely to smash that goal as you’ve been preparing yourself mentally for the new challenge & responsibility.

3 – Get your Time Management on Point

As work ramps up after the holidays its easy to slip back into old habits and let the stress levels increase, so use your diary to plan out your time over the week.  Schedule in your work time, social commitments, exercise time and downtime so you have a clear picture of what you are doing and when.

4 – Plan Your Outfits for the Week Ahead

Which leads me to my next tip – plan your outfits for the week ahead.  Look at your agenda Sunday evening to see what you have coming up for the week ahead, then plan and set aside your outfits for each day.  We all know weekday mornings can be a rush and if you’re running out the door you’re not going to have time to plan the perfect outfit for your important presentation or think about what to wear on your dinner date that night.  Doing it ahead of time allows you to make sure you’re going to wear your best outfit for each occasion and increases your chances of wardrobe success.

5 – Invest in Yourself

And finally, if you want to be living your best self this year you’ve got to invest in yourself.  Don’t be too busy that you don’t have time to learn anything new.  Because the more we are learning & growing the better we are becoming.  So study a new subject, sign up for different classes, do an online e-course or set yourself a reading challenge.

Are you planning on making 2019 your most stylish year yet?  Let us know your tips and goals in the comments below…

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