The Ultimate Milan Fashion Week Survival Guide…

Fashion Week season is upon us again.  With Men’s Fashion Weeks starting in London, Paris & Milan and Women’s Fashion Weeks just around the corner in February, we are preparing for a busy start to the season.  We kicked off our Fashion Week schedule with Men’s Fashion Week in Milan and had an amazing time attending Fashions Shows, Events & Presentations to see the new AW19-20 Collections.

As creative freelancers & girl bosses, a lot of our schedules are spent working at home & online, so Fashion Week is an amazing opportunity to cultivate new contacts, attend events & exhibitions across the city, check out new bars and catch up with people in town for the week.  The city always comes alive during Fashion Week and it’s great to harness that energy and buzz.

Saying that the week can get pretty crazy running from event to event and after a few seasons we have learnt that to maximize the week’s success it’s important to be prepared.

Read on for our Ultimate Milan Fashion Week Survival Guide…

milan fashion week survival guide

Make Sure you Have all your Essentials Packed in Your Handbag.   Fashion week means being on the go all day and often into the night.  So if you want to make it to the end of the day without feeling (or looking) exhausted it’s important you stock up your handbag with essentials for all situations.  Think portable phone charger, healthy snacks, lipstick, facial powder, nail files, mini perfume and gum to name a few.

Buy Comfortable Shoes.  Pre-Fashion Week, invest in some shoes that are stylish but comfortable.  I literally cannot stress how important this is. You will be on your feet all day running from event to event and partying all night, so there isn’t time for painful shoes.  I have invested in heels that are cute and comfortable and some really stylish brogues or sneakers for when I need a day wearing flats!

Plan your Outfits in Advance.  Once you know your event schedule, take some time to plan out your outfits.  Make a space in your wardrobe and hang your outfits together in groups so you always know what you are going to be wearing.  As a Stylist, I always do this when I have important events coming up and I can’t tell you how much time and stress it saves!

Take Time to Sit Down and Eat Lunch.  Food is one of the most important things in Italian culture and there are so many chic and tasty restaurants to try around the city.  Try to take at least half an hour out of the craze to sit down during lunch – your body will reward you by feeling more relaxed and energized during your afternoon events.  Some of my favourite healthy and tasty lunch sports around the city are California Bakery, Fluid and Mantra Raw Vegan.  If taking a break for lunch is a bit of a stretch, pop back during the aperitivo hour for a glass of prosecco and some tasty snacks.

Get beautiful nails at Bahama Mama I love matching my nails to my outfits but when I have a jam-packed schedule I don’t always have much time to devote to doing my nails.  Bahama Mama is a super cool nail bar in Milan where you can get amazing manicures and pedicures in no time.  They even have a coffee and juice bar there so you can load up on tasty treats during your pampering session.

Got any of your own Fashion Week Survival Tips? Or have some cool bars, lunch spots or shopping places you love around Milan? I would love to hear about them in the comments below…

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